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Business Continuity Planning
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Our business continuity planning services are based on ISO 22301 / BS 25999 and comprise of a business impact analysis (BIA), identifying and quantifying the company's exposure to internal and external threats. The business continuity plan is then developed to provide an effective prevention and recovery procedure for all business operations.

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Process Description

We take a 4 step approach for the development of a sound business continuity plan:

Project Initiation:

  • Define Business Continuity Objective and Scope.
  • Establish a Business Continuity Steering Committee.
  • Draw up Business Continuity Policies.

Business Analysis

  • Perform Risk Analysis and Business Impact Analysis.
  • Consider Alternative Business Continuity Strategies.
  • Carry out Cost-Benefit Analysis and select a Strategy.
  • Develop a Business Continuity Budget.

Design and Development (Designing the Plan)

  • Set up a Business Recovery Team and assign responsibility to the members.
  • Identify Plan Structure and major components.
  • Develop Backup and Recovery Strategies.
  • Develop Scenario to Execute Plan.
  • Develop Escalation, Notification and Plan Activation Criteria.
  • Develop General Plan Administration Policy.
Implementation (Creating the Plan)

  • Prepare Emergency Response Procedures.
  • Prepare Command Center Activation Procedures.
  • Prepare Detailed Recovery Procedures.
  • Prepare Vendors Contracts and Purchase of Recovery Resources.
  • Ensure everything necessary is in place.
  • Ensure Recovery Team members know their Duties and Responsibilities.
  • Human resources security.

The deliverable is a detailed Business Continuity Plan (BCP) that includes all business processes with their priority levels, business impact, recovery procedures, response times, responsible personnel, contacts and alternative data processing options.

After the plan is developed the company still has to perform annual BCP testing and updating of the documentation to cover new risks and unforeseen circumstances noted during the testing.


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